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Design accents for individualists: Heitz “Pure Nature” structures


In addition to the brushed veneer edges established on the market, we offer a collection of pure, 3D structured veneer surfaces. 

The different versions can be represented on all commercially available veneers and enhance the visual perception of the veneer. We are not dependent on the use of special veneers or complex processing techniques. This enables the structured surfaces to be used over a wide range at a very appealing price level.

This special surface treatment can be implemented for the entire product range.

Thanks to the variable layer thickness of the veneer, the structures can be individually adjusted - from moderate to expressive.

We can produce structured surfaces with a primer that can be top-coated with many spray paint systems without further pre-treatment. Finished painted surfaces can also be realized. The design possibilities can be extended by using wood stains.

In order to offer a practical package, we also supply fixed dimensions that are manufactured in close collaboration with the customer and in cooperation with well-known manufacturers of fixed dimensions.

"Rough-cut" structure 

This structure creates the impression of an unprocessed surface of solid wood, for example as it appears when cutting with log band saws or mill saws. Ideally the rough sawn look edge can be used in conjunction with surfaces made of commercially available rough sawn veneers.

"Sandblast" structure 

This structure corresponds to the surface of rustic solid wood beams and, depending on the type of wood, can also be used as an alternative to sandblasted surfaces. In addition, the split wood look can be combined very well with the rough sawn or wormhole looks. Amazingly authentic results are achieved.

"Wave" structure 

By aligning the waves across the grain of the wood, this structure can create an interesting contrast to the natural play of colors in a type of wood. Even very simple types of wood are given an interesting, stylish upgrade with 3D structuring.

"Wormhole" structure 

This structure is based on the look of antique solid wood beams. In contrast to real insect infestation, however, this look does not have any technical impairments. In combination with the natural grain of the wood, the result is an intriguing overall appearance.


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